Why we love vintage watches

September 18, 2018 0 Comments

The short answer is: Because of traditional Craftsmanship, Design and Value.

We love vintage watches so much, we even had to publish it in the German Forbes July issue. But since we know not everybody is fluent in German, we want to take a minute to present our case for vintage watches again in English. So why actually?

Traditional craftsmanship.

In the heyday of the Swiss watch industry, manual labor and engineering without computers and various CNC machines played a big role. This handmade work made the Swiss watch industry famous.

We find the watches today referred to as "vintage", show the traditional art of watchmaking in a special way. A lot of time and effort was invested in the production, even though watches were not considered exclusively luxury at the time.


The beginning of the wristwatch era was between the late 1920s and 1930s. These decades of watchmaking defined the rest of its course to this day. The next wave of iconic designs came in the 1960s, some of these watch-models are still fundamentally unchanged today. Watchmakers were able to create elegant and timeless designs that are still appreciated and imitated today. Although many modern watches are vintage inspired, we still prefer the source of inspiration.


In addition to the pleasure of owning and enjoying a quality timepiece, a properly selected vintage watch can not only keep the value but also be a serious investment. Unlike modern watches, which usually lose value immediately after leaving the boutique.

Sure, that's somewhat subjective - but still, we wanted to make a statement. If only some watch companies would change their current phat and go back to their roots….. #Omega

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