About our pricing

What defines the price tag?

There are numerous circumstances defining the price of every single watch besides the margin we're aiming to achieve. The core concept of almost any business presumes taking over your risks, therefore, every step you find below is designed to reduce your risks and ensure positive collecting experience. 

It is very wrong to think that sourcing is about searching for the best possible price. Sourcing is actually about:
  • Using our expertise to find an absolutely correct piece in the best possible condition (avoiding damaged cases, redone dials, and swapped parts at all costs). 
  • Being honest with the seller and offering honest price. Top condition costs top dollar.
  • Taking care of security: secure delivery, secure payment, background and ownership check when necessary, maintaining all legal requirements.

Though many privates and dealers are listing watches the next second they buy it, it is important to understand that in reality, every single watch requires something to be done. Therefore, every watch goes through several preparation stages:

  • Expert diagnostics of functionality and condition of the movement
  • Full service and repairs when needed (and it either takes money and time)
  • Case repair and restoration when needed - while there is a big discussion on refinishing/polishing in general (more details here) some cases do require works. For instance: removing oxidation and rust to prevent case from further damaging, eliminating big dents, refitting pushers etc.
  • Full cleaning of the case - even if no service or case refinishing needed, we will disassemble and clean the case in an ultrasonic bath. The dirt and sweat of the previous owner don't really increase the value and "honesty" of the watch.
  • Small but important details: high-quality brand new strap, brand-new spring bars, sometimes buckles

An essential task for a true professional dealer. It is important not only to make a few attractive photos but also to be precise and honest.

  • Every single watch gets minimum 6 essential high-resolution images made with pro macro lens to expose every single detail + 1 daylight iPhone shot for real-life scale view
  • Preparing condition report - every watch gets its' custom and extremely precise condition report. We do our homework and verify all the details additionally: year of production; if all the parts are correct; historical background. We do disclose everything you should know. We do it better than top level auction houses.
  • Answering questions - we are working hard to stay in touch 24/7 and to answer every single question as soon as possible.

Nothing is simple if you do it right. It took us hundreds of watches to sell to develop the best handling processing and policies.

  • We offer secure payment with a credit card without additional commissions or fees, and bank wires with a discount
  • We deliver every single watch with courier service (FedEx, UPS, TNT) free of charge. Worldwide.
  • Every single delivery is fully insured
  • We record packaging process and keep the record for at least 14 days

The most important and the most valuable part of our job. It is actually why professional dealers have customers. Among the most important points are:

  • 1-year technical warranty covered by our professional watchmakers
  • 14-days inspection period / "no questions" money back policy
  • Accountability - whenever it is discovered that we made any kind of mistake, we always remain responsible for it. We will buy back the watch anytime, not only in 14-days.
  • After-warranty support - we will be happy to assist you even when the warranty is over.

It is often not obvious whether the dealer you're looking at is trustworthy or not. The market is full of "flying" dealers who have nothing except a website,  private collectors flipping some watches for fun, dealers-wannabes entering the market with a hope to get "easy money" and dishonest full-time dealers with unclear policies. All of them today can have a good looking website but not all of them can have a good infrastructure and reputation.

  • We operate a steady GmbH. Even though its' concept is similar to LLC, the GmbH in Germany is the second most complicated type of entity in handling after a public joint stock company.
  • All payments go to company's account: no self-employed structures, no private accounts, no private "friends and family" PayPal transactions
  • We conduct fair business. We pay taxes and issue real invoices.
  • We operate a brick'n'mortar office and showroom in Munich.
  • All our watches are insured so you're 100% safe. When you watch is paid and not yet delivered - it's insured.
  • Our terms and conditions are transparent and clear. Our policies are transparent.

Quality and safety cost money. We do our job professionally and responsibly, taking over all your risks at every stage of the process and spending many hours on every single watch we offer.

What is your margin?

Many people think that every other professional dealer has at least 100% on every watch sold. That might have been true 15 years ago but it's not like that anymore if the dealer does his job honestly. The added value is different for every watch and is defined by the buying price of the watch, expenses and works performed, operational costs and finally average market price. Even though we can't disclose our margins, we can share some facts about our pricing for your consideration:

  • The added value rarely exceeds 25%
  • More expensive the watch is, less added value (%) there is
  • "The market price" is a relative term. Of course, a delta of prices exists for some less rare watches but in general, we often can't source 2 completely identical watches in terms of condition. Therefore, "the market price" is the price one is ready to pay for a particular watch.

Can I get a discount?

Generally, our prices are final prices and we are not able to offer discounts. Out policy is:

  • 5% discount is possible by default if the watch is paid by bank transfer
  • Special discounts are only available to our returning customers
  • Special discounts if several watches are purchased at the same time
  • Minor discounts (50 - 200 EUR range) are possible in special cases when the customer picks up the watch and no delivery required or if the watch is sold without its' bracelet etc.

I've seen the same watch at a way lower price. How would you comment on that?

First of all, to say that you must be really sure that the compared watch is also 100% correct and is actually same. As stated above, in most cases there are no 2 absolutely identical vintage watches. Something is always a bit different: design, condition, service history, patina, parts, etc.

Collectors often say: "buy the seller not the watch", so if you're sure that the watch is as good as ours, and the seller is as trustable as we are - feel free to pull the trigger. Thankfully, it is an open market and everyone is free to take decisions!

Do you consider offers?

Generally, we do not consider offers unless there is a special occasion for that. 

What is your best price?

The best price is the listed price minus 5% when the watch is paid by bank transfer. Unfortunately, there is no better best price : ) 

I have one more question!

If you have further questions you can always contact us. We will be happy to assist!