FAQ - Security

How do you ship the watch? Is it insured?

We are using major courier services for delivery. By default it is FedEx for international delivery and TNT for delivery inside Germany. All our watches are covered with transport insurance by default unless it is explicitly agreed otherwise with the customer.

How do you pack the watch?

We have our very special policies on packaging:

  • All packages are sealed with numbered security bag
  • All watches are delivered sealed in double box (one inside the other)
  • The watch itself is packed into leather travel case and carefully wrapped into bubble foil
  • The complete packaging process is video recorded.

    What do I have to know about the delivery?

    You absolutely need to know and understand clearly that we can cover damages or fraud/thieft which happened during or due to transportation process only when you open the package and check the watch in front of the courier.

    You should personally check if the security bag is undamaged and sealed properly and if the number is correct. It is always safer if you personally receive the parcel. Just drop us an email if you have any special request or inquiry.


    We do and we have 100% positive reviews there. Here is the link - eBay.

    I don’t like the strap. Is it possible to change it?

    Absolutely, we can replace the strap before shipping at your request. You can request a color change at no charge or choose one of the beautiful straps from our Accessories section. We can also source special strap on your request. Please bear in mind that some types of straps and buckles (like, for example, Patek Philippe) are very valuable and it may take us some additional time to find the one you want.

    I have one more question!

    If you have further questions you can always contact us. We will be happy to assist!